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CYCLOFIT 1100 - mobile filtration mechanical unit


aseptic box with vertical circulation
The EKOSTAR FLOW BIOHAZARD aseptic box with a vertical and steady circulation of air and a bottom evacuation is intended for an aseptic laboratory work with the chemical and bacteriological materials. It ensures the working process protection against the effects of contaminated air and the protection of operator against the harmful effects of the working process and it is also useful for isolation of working process from outer environment. The purity of air in working area complies with the class 100 according to the US Federal Standard 209 d and also the standard STN EN ISO 146 44-1 class 5. The EKOSTAR FLOW BIOHAZARD aseptic box can work in the following options:

1 BIOHAZARD aseptic box with vertical circulation and bottom evacuation of air from working table through a chemical filter with outlet out of the room or with the possibility to connect to central exhaustion.

2 WEIGHING of materials on analytic scales in clean environment is allowed by design of the aseptic box in working area without affection of the weighing results.

3 DIGESTOR allows working with harmful substances on the working table area with bottom exhaustion of air including filtration of exhausted air through chemical filter and an outlet out of the room.

Overall dimensions 460x460x970 mm
Working area dimensions 460x460x400 mm
Weight 50 kg
Mains voltage 230v/50hz
Power supply 190 w
Device safety class I
Working area purity class A according to PICWHO, 100 according to US FS 209 E, STN EN ISO 146 44-1 class 5
Possibility of making the atypical size

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