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RFP 900 C

mobile combined filtration unit
This recirculation filtration unit is designed to suck off and filter the air with excessive amount of dust particles bigger than 10 micrometer and concentration up to 50 gm3. It retains impurities on the place of their production with the aid of 1 or 2 flexible hoses and end piece. The filtration unit has following combined filtration's steps: cyclone-mechanical pocked filter of class EU 4 - electrostatic charging - electrostatic removing with the filter from unwowen fabrics - chemical filter from CARBOTEX. This filtration assure the filtration of solid aerosol and gaseous particles. Filtration unit is equipped by the indicator of electrofilters, in the case of a breakdown or maximal soiling of filters, the equipment will aically switch off.

Dimensions 540x1200x1600 mm
Weight 140 kg
Mains voltage 230V/50Hz /3x380V/
Operating voltage 4 a 7,5 kV
Power supply 600W
Filtered air volume 1000 m3/hod.
Filtered air volume 98 %
Noisiness 75 d B /A/

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