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CYCLOFIT 1100 - mobile filtration mechanical unit


portable exhauster of woodworking machines
The PILOFIT portable sawdust exhauster is designed for a sawdust exhausting from the woodworking machines. The sawdust with air is drawn in via intermediate pressure fan through flexible hose into a suction stand, where a storage bin for the separated bigger wooden particles is located. The sawdust without the bigger particles is driven through a fan impeller wheel into a sawdust container – PVC bag – and air is drawn off through a filtering bag. The suction stand is equipped with two suction intakes with 100 mm opening. Every intake is equipped with an independent closing slide.

Dimensions 800x400x1850 mm
Weight 45 kg
Mains voltage 3x400V/50Hz
Power supply 0,6 - 1,1 kW
Filtered air volume 1100 m3/hod.
Filtered air volume 98 % at 200 Pa and particle dimensions of 3 µm
Volume of sawdust reservoir 65 litres / 130 litres

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