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EKOSTAR FLOW - HF - BH - aseptic box with vertical circulation


ceiling module of aseptic box for working in the aseptically clean area
The ceiling module of EKOSTARFLOW HF-SM aseptic box is intended for creation of clean area above the working table, production line or insulating cleaner in front of clean areas. The ceiling module is in compliance with requirements for the purity class A SL 1 EU GUIDE-GMP, STN EN ISO 146 44-1 class 5.
The ceiling module is produced as a fixed device that is possible to fix above a working area by suspension brackets, to embed into a ceiling or side walls. The working area bordering can be realized by firm walls or PVC lamellar curtains that serve for creation of an aseptically clean area on required working place.
The ceiling module dimensions depend on requirements for an aseptically clean working place.

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