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EKOZVAR 2 - welding table with build in a recirculation filtration unit of smoky waste products


electrostatic recirculation filtration unit for welding
Mobile recirculation filtration unit RFP 900 EKO is designed to protect a working area in manufacturing and repairing places during technological processes where are produced mechanical, gaseous and aerosol impurities.

The impurities are retained on the place of production by a sucking hose and a funnel neck. The unit is suitable for sucking off and filtration of electrical ark, flame, in the protection atmosphere. Filtration of the air is in six steps. Efficiency of the filtration of mechanical particles is from 0,3 micrometer, gaseous particles are filtered off on the chemical filter which is very efficient for oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, fluorides, ozone, etc. Cleanliness of filtered air during a welding is in accordance with the Gazette of Slovak Ministry of Health 21/24 for the requirements of hygiene in a working area. Filtration unit is equipped by the indicator of electrofilters, in the case of a breakdown or maximal soiling of filters, the equipment will aically switch off. Model RFP 900 EKO-2 is suitable for 2 workplaces. Exchangeable filters for mechanical impurities are made from unwoven fabrics and are regenerable by washing, which is not viable because of their low price. Chemical filters are made from CARBOTEX 400, their lifetime is 8 to l0 weeks.

Dimensions 520x100x600 mm
Weight 95 kg
Polomer dosahu hadice 2,6 m - 360o
Mains voltage 230V/50Hz
Operating voltage 4 a 7 kV
Lighting voltage 24 V
Power supply 0,6 kW
Filtered air volume 900 a1100 m3/hod.
Sucking underpressure 1200 Pa
Filtered air volume 98 %
Noisiness 75 d B /A/

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