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EKOSTAR FLOW - HF - BH - aseptic box with vertical circulation

EKO 2000

filtration module to air-conditioning system
The filtration module to air-conditioning systems EKO 2000 is designed to filtrate supplying eventually outgoing air or for recirculating filtration. System of combined filters attains high separation of impurities in solid, aerosol and gaseous state. It eliminate particles from the size of 0,3 micrometer with the efficiency of 98%. Dust and aerosol are captured on exchangeable filters made from unwowen fabrics. It is possible to regenerate these filters by washing. Chemical particles are caught on CARBOTEX filter. Exchange of filters is simple. They are placed in metallic boxes. The module has built in a source of high voltage to feed the elecrrofilters. Activity of the source is indicated by control light

Dimensions 520x600x650 mm
Weight 52 kg
Mains voltage 230V/50hz /3x400V/
Operating voltage 4 a 7,5 kv
Power supply 30-50 w
Filtered air volume 1500 m3/hour
Filtration efficiency 98 %
Flanges a, b depnding on demand

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