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RFP 900 EKO - electrostatic recirculation filtration unit for welding

RFP 1000 OL

combined filtration unit for capture of oil spray during metal processing
This recirculation unit is designed to aspirate and filtrate the air during operation and activities producing oil fog with the use of refrigerant and cutting fluids.

The filtration unit is equipped with the filtration steps assuring high efficiency of solid, aerosol and gaseous particles filtration.

The air is sucked by two flexible hoses with suction sockets, goes through expansion chamber, gradually through mechanical, electrostatic charging, removing collector and removing filters with ionisation electrode and ionised filter from unwowen fabrics and chemical filter. Captured oil waste products are liquefied and drain to the expansion chamber and than to a collecting pot.

Dimensions 660x1365x645 mm
Weight 68 kg
Mains voltage 230v/50hz
Operating voltage 4 a 7,5 kv
Power supply 800 w
Filtered air volume 1000 m3/hod.
Filtration efficiency 97 %
Noisiness 80 db /a/

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