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RFP 200 EKO - electrostatic recirculating filtration unit for the welding in protective gas with direct sucking of the waste products trough adjutage on the welding place


welding table with build in a recirculation filtration unit of smoky waste products
EKOKOZVAR 2 is provided as a welding workplace with perfect protection of welder. Welding area is separated from surroundings by air shutter. Smoky waste products are sucked by adjustable flue and continue to the filtration unit placed in lower part of table. Working area allows unlimited manipulation with welding material in horizontal and vertical direction. Working place consist of cast grid under which is placed a collecting pot for welding waste. The filtration unit is equipped with combined mechanical, electrostatic and chemical filters with efficiency of 98%. Exchange of filters is simple and inexpensive.

Dimensions 1200x1750x950 mm
Weight 190 kg
Mains voltage 230V/50Hz
Operating voltage 4 a 7,5 kV
Power supply 600 W
Filtered air volume 1000 m3/hod.
Welding area 750 x 310 mm
Filtered air volume 98 %
Noisiness 77 d B /A/

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