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RFP 200 EKO - electrostatic recirculating filtration unit for the welding in protective gas with direct sucking of the waste products trough adjutage on the welding place


aseptic box with HEPA filter and vertical circulation
The EKOSTAR FLOW - HF-V aseptic box with vertical circulation is intended for handling with medicaments in the area that prevents their biological contamination with dust particles. In configuration as a portable aseptic box with vertical air circulation and required purity of working area it serves for preparing of medicaments in the A environment according to STN EN ISO 14644-1 class 5. The working surface is made from anticorrosive perforated material permeable by filtered air. A part of that air is drawn off also through the manipulation opening what prevents a contamination of the processed product.

Overall dimensions 480x460x920 mm
Dimensions pracovného priestoru 440x420x500 mm
Weight 31 kg
Mains voltage 220v/50hz
Power supply 120 w
Maximum current 0,53 A
Living parts protection IP 20
Device safety class I
Working area purity class A according to PICWHO, 100 according to US FS 209 E, STN EN ISO 146 44-1 class 5
Possibility of making the atypical size

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