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EKOSTAR FLOW - HF-H - aseptic box with laminar flow

Working table for grinding

The working table is made up from thin walled section iron. A worktop is made up from zincified grating and is bordered on the rear side and two thirds of lateral sides with a fall plate. A waste material container is situated under the worktop. The particles originated from grinding settle in the container. The skew lamellas serving for change of direction of reflected particles after grinding are welded o the rear fall plate. The side fall plates are hinged for possible handling with bigger products.

Additional equipment
For increase of a worker protection during grinding we recommend to add a suction filtering unit that exhausts the grinding microparticles from a worker breathing zone via pantograph-type arm.

Dimensions W x T x H 1000-2000x700x800 mm
Fall plate height 300 mm
Filtration unit type CYKLOFIT 1100 m3/hour
Suction arm five joint arm
Suction funnel laminate - 160 mm diameter
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